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Private Specials 96 - Russian Bride Agency 2014

Everyone knows about Russian online marriage agencies and the many beautiful girls who join with the hopes of meeting Mr. Right. What people don't know is to what extremes girls will go to get their profile online in the right agency. In Private's Russian Bride Agency we find out just how far these young and innocent girls will go when guy a claiming to be the representative of an exclusive dating agency promises them a future marriage with one of his wealthy clients. Desperate to impress the agency and get a chance at one of these future husbands, these girls give it all up to our hung agency owner. Featuring five stunning innocent but willing Russian victims of our fake agent. Here comes the brides!

Производство: Private
Страна: Россия
Язык: Русский
Год: 2014
Длительность: 176 мин
В ролях: Diana Dali, Shrima Malati, Eva Berger, Alice, Olivia Crace
Раздел: Русские
Метки: Кастинги, Жесткий секс, Фильмы 2014 года

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